The Difference between Pottery, Ceramics and Majolica, With Special Regard to Italian Ceramics

Italian pottery is very popular especially those gorgeous handmade pieces, yet it seems as though most people get a bit confused over the differences between pottery, majolica and ceramics! It doesn’t seem that confusing and yet it can be if you don’t know the differences between them all. So, what do you know about pottery and ceramics? Do you know the differences? If not, why don’t you read on and find out a little bit more about ceramics, pottery and majolica.

What Are Ceramics And Pottery?

Ceramics are basically made from clay and ceramic pieces have been around for many years, going back thousands of years. It is clear to see that ceramics have been vastly used for hundreds and hundreds of years. Once the clay has been shaped, the ceramics will then be decorated and glazed. It can also be fired in a kiln. On the other hand, pottery is made from a moist clay and begins to harden with rising temperatures. When the pottery is fired at higher temperatures or heat it will begin to change its appearance and the strength of the clay is changed also. These pieces can still be used with Italian dinnerware however.

What Is Majolica?

Majolica is absolutely gorgeous. It’s made from bisque which can be first fired and then dipped into a glaze. Usually, a quick dry liquid glaze is used with the bisque and it will be left to dry out. Once the bisque is dried out, it can then be hand painted and the finishing can be beautiful. These pieces have been used for hundreds of years and they are still very much found in a variety of locations around the world. You are going to love what they have to offer and while it’s not Italian pottery, it’s beautiful nonetheless.

Can You Tell The Difference Between The Three?

You can spot the subtle differences between pottery, majolica and ceramics but they are truly all lovely pieces. It’s very much possible to get a mixture of all three and in reality you can see some gorgeous pieces. Spotting a fake piece from a real piece might be a challenge for those who want authentic handmade items and those who don’t mind some unreal pieces! However, you are sure to love all that you see. Italian dinnerware is really quite popular today and it doesn’t seem to be losing its popularity either.

Love Your Italian Pieces

Dinnerware and pottery pieces can often wow people for the simple fact they look good and make you feel as though you’ve got a special little number. It’s not hard to see why there are now so many people who are choosing such things. There are small differences between potteries, ceramics and of course majolica but they can all be very nice items. You are going to love just what they offer you and how they can stand out from the crowd too. Italian pottery can be such a beautiful showpiece and you shouldn’t be afraid to use them to your advantage.